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MBCNET Documentary Rev Sun Myung Moon’s 100th Birthday (English) from FFWPU European & Middle East on Vimeo.


On April 29, 2018 in Wiener Stadthalle of Vienna, Austria, True Mother joined 10,000 people for the “Peace Starts With Me” rally. In addition to various musical performances celebrating peace and unity, True Mother delivered the keynote address, encouraging everyone in attendance to become a shining light in Europe, helping actualize a world of peace as one family under God. To listen to her full message and to see the entirety of the program, watch the video above! (courtesy of familyfed.org) See full text of speech



Sun Jin Moon, May 2015, London

UC Dublin Church Sunday Service each Sunday
@ 11am, Unity House, 19 North Great Georges Street, D1.

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MBCNET (Korean Nationwide Cable TV)
Special Documentary Program "Peace-Loving Global Citizens"

A Brief History of the Unification Movement in Ireland

     Clockwise from left: True Parents, Rev. and Mrs. Moon; World Culture and Sports Festival and the Holy Marriage Blessing; Mrs. Moon visiting Dublin being presented with a bouquet by Melanie Kennedy; Rev. Halvard Iversen giving a public talk;Unity House, Dublin, National HQ and our "Peace Embassy" for UPF; Young Irish Unificationists celebrate St. Patrick's day!

     In 1968 Marion Doherty (Porter) was sent by the British Church to pioneer in Belfast. On the foundation of New Age contacts of Dennis Orme's, meetings were held by Dennis and Doris Orme,(43 Blessing))
     At the end of 1969 civil war erupted in N.Ireland and all pioneering activities ceased.

      Patricia Hardman (Hartley) came to Dublin, beginning in February 1970 and remaining for 6 months, paying indemnity.
     In 1971, February, Barbara Zacarrelli(777 Blessing) and Dawn Eaton (Jouret) came to Dublin to pioneer, and Barbara brought Gertrude Bauer, the 1st member to join. Gertrude, in turn brought the 1st Irish brother, John Touhy.From June to August of that year Carlo Zaccarrelli pioneered Cork.
From May to October 1972, Terry Brabazon pioneered in Dublin, and brought Tom Corley, the 1st of the Corley family to join. He also brought the 1st Irish sister, Anette Scallan (Ormond).From November 1972, June Perrin (777 Blessing) came to pioneer in Dublin, and within 3 months 12 members had joined the Irish Church. New church centres were pioneered in Cork and Galway, mobile fundraising was begun, and candle making and printing activities started.
     In 1973 HSA-UWC was registered and applied for charitable status. Martin Moloney and Phillip O'Dowd were sent to the USA to join the IOWC. In January 1975, June returned to Britain, by which time, 40 members had joined the Irish church, many being sent abroad to Britain, the USA and the 2nd Global IOWC team, as missionaries.
     Kieran O'Neill was church leader from January 1975 until January 1977, during which time a poster campaign to "Unite Ireland with Love" was initiated and a training centre, Kilmurry House was purchased in north Co.Cork In 1976, in particular, many Irish members participated in the Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument campaigns .
     In 1977 the 1st Irish priest to follow True Parents, Shaun Byrne, was blessed at the 35 couples blessing in America.
     Bob Duffy was appointed by True Father to lead the Irish Church, arriving in June of 1977. He initiated a 7-city speaking tour, began Home Church activities and organised IOWC teams and activities in Ireland. HSA-UWC Ireland received charitable status on August 2nd. Ireland had the benefit at that time of the support of the "Go World Brass Band" for its witnessing activities.
     In May 1978 Bob Duffy and Martin Moloney were blessed at the 118 Blessing in London. Irish witnessing activities were helped by Seminary graduates Michael Herbers and Perry Cordill who came to witness and lecture until Feb. 1979.

     While Bob Duffy attended 120 days training from February to June of 1981, Martin Moloney took his place as church leader. Under the guidance of Rev. Kim Byung Ho, the Irish Church, supported by British brothers and sisters, did a 7 day, 7 city simultaneous fast by 21 members and a signature campaign to promote a peaceful solution to the civil war then raging in the North of Ireland.
     On June 2nd 1981, without explanation, the Church¡¯s charitable status was removed. Then began a long period of financial difficulty with demands from Govt for all kinds of tax and corporate payments. Lawyers and Accountants had to be employed to fight for our rights. This was also a period when deprogramming groups were active against our church and 3 Irish members were kidnapped by faith breakers.
     Nevertheless 4 Irish brothers were all blessed on the 14th of Oct 1982, John Kennedy, Bernard Naughton, Reamon Sullivan and Terry Sweeney.
     Bob and Johanna Duffy returned to Canada in January 1983. In May, Jack Corley was appointed as national leader of Ireland, being called to assist True parents in the USA, 5 months later Martin Moloney became national leader. This was a time of many revelations from Heung Jin Nim, and the Blessing of 3 Irish churches. CAUSA activities were pioneered by Tom Molloy and Martin Moloney and greatly assisted by Jim Keating from Greystones, who published "Clarion". Together they developed fruitful co-operation between the French and British chapters of CAUSA.
     At the end of 1985 a great tragedy befell Ireland. 6000 couple, Kimiko Sullivan, wife of Reamon, and their baby, Mariko, died in childbirth.
     Martin and Huguette Moloney and family moved to Britain in March 1986 and Katsuya Asada became church leader under Mr Abe, National Leader in Britain. . In March of this year Lady Dr Kim also conducted liberation ceremonies for Irish Patriots and Kimiko and Mariko Sullivan and Kyoko Tsuchiya, who had been a missionary to Ireland. In July 1987 David Hanna came from Britain with his family to be church leader, moving into a rented centre in North Dublin.
     Kilmurry House was sold and a new HQ purchased in Dublin at 19 North Great Georges St.
     Several Marble Vase exhibitions were held, the Irish Church began to regain its national status, new members joined, some older ones re-joined and finally about 14 members were actively participating in building God¡¯s Kingdom in Ireland.
     In April 1989 Tom and Muriel Molloy could receive the blessing and Mrs Maureen Walshe could receive the Single Blessing.

     In 1992 and 1993, an effort was made by the WFWP to disseminate the teaching of Free Teens to schools.
     On Nov.6th 1993 True Mother came to Ireland, one of 18 European nations to host her World Speaking Tour to proclaim, ¡°True Parents and the Completed Testament Age¡±. Many Irish members returned from abroad to help, for example, Shaun Byrne, Peter Ross, Annette Scallan, Ann Sadlier, Kevin Pickard, Martin Moloney . Many British members also came to lend a hand. In April 1994 President Sa appointed Martin Moloney as National Leader. Based on True Mothers speech, Irish Church members worked to deliver that message to as many Irish people as possible, by letter and by leaflet. Irish Church activities in Dublin and Belfast were greatly assisted by 10 Japanese sisters. From August 8th to 12th, a Unification Youth Summer Camp was held in Northern Ireland with 8 participants. On the 13th of October 1995, again without much explanation, the Church¡¯s charitable status was re-instated.
     In January1996 Russel Gough became National Leader. In July, Ireland was represented at the inauguration of the Federation of Island Nations for World Peace in Tokyo by former Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland(1992-94), Mr.Albert Reynolds.
     The new National Messiah providence began from Cheong Pyeong in August and Halvard Iversen came in October. Rev Jeung and his wife came in November. Halvard Iversen was asked to be National Leader. The FFWPU was inaugurated in December. The rest of the Iversen family came in January 1997 from their former missionary country Latvia. Nathan Leow and his family came to Cork city in the summer of 1997, but soon re-located to Dublin to support Rev Jeung. Mr Seki could visit in the Autumn of 1998 and he and Halvard were called by True Father to come to Fuerto Olimpo . Street Blessing was the main church activity at this time, supported by 11 Japanese sisters and a Korean brother who translated for Rev Jeung. Rev Jeung was also assisted at this time by his youngest son Sang Tae, also in an effort to establish some business activities. Alan and Doris McCann and their family returned from the USA, James and Rose McManus and their family returned from Germany and participated in the street blessing activities. Patricia Iversen began to develop a network of religious contacts and in Sept. 19th 1998, together with Muriel Molloy, held a very successful WFWP, ¡°Bridge of Peace¡± ceremony between British and Irish sisters at a very special venue called Glencree (Valley of the Heart), in Co.Wicklow.
     In 1999 from Sept 17 to 27th, an RYS project was attended by 30 participants and 12 staff to build a Peace Garden at the Columbanus Community for Peace and Reconciliation in North Belfast. At the same time a WFWP "Bridge of Peace" ceremony was held as well as an IRFWP conference. President of Ireland, Mary McAleese came to visit the project within days of its conclusion.

     In 2000 the IIFWP was inaugurated. The Iversen family and O Cionnaith families represented Ireland at Jardim, Brazil at the Ideal Family Education Workshop where True Parents were present for some time. Halvard, as National Leader participated in the Pantanal Providence 3 times. In 2002 Patricia Iversen held regular monthly IRFWP meetings at Buswells Hotel, near the Dail (Irish Parliament). In 2003, IIFWP conferences were held in Hotels in Dublin. In 2004 the first Ambassadors for Peace were honoured. Several participated in the MEPI visits to the Holy Land. Weekly Radio programmes on local radio were hosted as an Interfaith Roundtable by Sheik Shaheed Satardien, an Ambassador for Peace, who also presented True Parents work through a local Muslim newspaper. Interfaith work is being developed among the Sikh and Hindu communities also, whilst Christians, Catholics and Protestants, generally reject our approaches. In 2005 several educational seminars have been held for Ambassadors for Peace
     On Nov 4th 2005. True Parents arrived in Ireland to speak at the inauguration of the Irish chapter of the Universal Peace Federation. It was the first time True Father had been able to visit. With much help from the British Church and the return of many Irish from abroad, a very successful and wonderful event was held. True Father spoke for more than 4 hours, explaining during his speech the following morning that he just couldn't stop his mouth!. Even though he was very tired, he just couldn't go until he felt he had spoken to everyone! Father also spoke meaningfully of the historical relationship between Britain and Ireland, and about the concept of ¡°exchange marriages¡± between the children of the two countries. He also spoke about the importance in God's providence of the 2nd wife's position, meaning that Ireland should not underestimate her role and responsibility! At the end True Father received a standing ovation, initiated by some of the attending Peace Ambassadors.

    Top: Women's Federation meetings (WFWP) involve ladies from all sectors of Irish life and beyond. Interfaith activities such as joint worship services and Religious Youth Service (RYS) demonstrate the commitment of Unificationists to peace through living for the sake of others. Bottom right: Rev. Iversen contributes to the Interfaith Round Table on Phoenix fm.

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