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"Vision for the Role of Women in the 21st Century"
Doris McCann, WFWP Ireland, Gresham Hotel, August 31st, 2015

Doris McCann, WFWP Ireland President, spoke on the history and vision behind the WFWP, it's partnerships and hard-won respect within the UN and the work being done by this organisation to bring about interfaith unity and engage women to work together to bring world peace through family values and true love as one family under God, inspired by Father Moon's life and legacy, and being whole-heartedly continued by WFWP founder Mrs.Hak Ja Han Moon.

14th Annual WFWP Europe Conference, Brussels, Nov 2014

Joy from WFWP Ireland with her European colleagues

Women's Federation for World Peace, European Annual Conference
"Youth and the Future of Leadership: The Role of Parents and Family in Shaping Responsible Citizenship"

I was recently given the opportunity to attend the annual European Women's Federation conference in Brussels as a youth representative of Womens Federation Ireland. Women and men from all over Europe come together to listen, share, discuss and plan for the upcoming year, with the theme in mind "Youth and the Future of Leadership: The Role of the Family in Shaping Responsible Citizens".

The conference commenced with the opening session; "UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: The Role of the Family in Shaping Responsible Leadership" in the European Parliament in cooperation with World Youth Alliance (WYA). The panel was chaired by Mr. Antoine Mellado, WYA advocacy director of Europe, and made up of various European members of parliament, the WFWP European president, Carolyn Handschin, and other high-level speakers. Despite all members of the panel working in very different areas, there seemed to be a common understanding and goal, in trying to impress the importance of the family unit as educators for the youth in human dignity, and in becoming citizens that can contribute to the global family. K/p>Following on from the opening assembly in the EU Parliament, the next two days of the WFWP European annual conference included a number of sessions which explored in greater detail the theme of "Youth and Future of Leadership: The Role of Parents and Family in Shaping Responsible Citizenship". This included a series of "Capacity Building" sessions, the first of which was made up of a panel of young women talking on the topic of "Empowering Young Women in Dignity and Leadership". This was followed by "Women's Leadership and Political Participation", "Talking Points and Research to Effectively Promote Marriage and Family", "Communication and Persuasion Skills", as well as a goal setting session for Women's Federation in 2015.

I was greatly impressed by the high quality of the speakers and the discussions that often followed. Many of the women were leaders in their field or had started a new initiative in an area that they felt was needed. I was struck by the fact that all of the speakers were truly generational thinkers. They were working in their respective fields to better the society for the future generations, thinking and acting beyond themselves. There was also a very natural sense of camaraderie and support amongst the women, allowing everyone to have a solid platform to stand on when they went back to their respective countries. - Joy, Dublin WFWP.

Family Values and their link to Economic Well-Being and Social Outcomes"
UPF, in joint sponsorship with WFWP International and others,
convened a 2 Day Conference, at the UN in Geneva, Switzerland, from June 30 to July1, 2014.

Mrs. Hak Jan Han Moon speaking in Dublin in 2006

Fr. Shaun Byrne & Mrs. Hak Jan Han Moon speaking in Dublin in Nov 1993 at the inauguration of WFWP Ireland

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